Coding for Hermit Crabs

Who We Are

Coding for Hermit Crabs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that makes computer programming accessible for anyone. Why hermit crabs? Hermit crabs are resilient creatures who can make a home out of anything. It’s this resilience that we see in our students as we introduce them to the opportunities available in the field of computer science.

Making Coding Accessible

We believe that computer programming should be approachable and accessible for everyone. That’s why our courses are designed to cater to a variety of learning styles so we can meet each student where they’re at. This includes offering video, text, and interactive learning material as well as pairing students with a mentor to assist them on their programming journey.


What We Do

We run multiple programs throughout the year to empower individuals through technology. Our Tidepool Course introduces students of all levels to the basics of web development; our career counseling services coach individuals on how to leverage technology to advance their careers; and our outreach to local homeless communities provides sustainable resources and support.

Our goal is to expand our programs to reach even more individuals through youth apprenticeships and internships in tech; providing cell phones and laptops for homeless youth and adults; expanding our courses and learning materials; and bringing our mission to communities outside the Atlanta area.


About the Director

KayLa Thomas was saved by computer science. Immediately following high school, she became a homeless youth who lived in sixteen different cities in just four years. Her opportunity to leave behind the transient life came when she was introduced to programming and granted a free laptop which helped her apply for jobs and learn how to program. She found that the field of computer science could provide financial freedom and security just by learning how to code.

While completing a programming bootcamp and volunteering with The Covenant House, she started telling youth about computer science and the opportunities within the field. After consistently hearing them say how hard it seemed or how they weren’t “smart enough” to learn to code, she was motivated to share the skills of programming in an approachable way so that anyone could learn and feel empowered by their newfound knowledge.

 In 2020, Coding for Hermit Crabs was founded and achieved its 501(c)(3) status the next year. KayLa continues to serve as founder and director, introducing individuals of all backgrounds to computer programming and the possibility of a better life.

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Coding for Hermit Crabs relies on donations to support our non-profit programs. To empower individuals with the knowledge and skills of computer programming, you can make a contribution today and give someone the chance at a better life.