Coding for Hermit Crabs makes programming accessible for everyone.

We want to improve lives through technology. Whether it’s offering career counseling and tech internships; teaching programming courses; or providing cell phones and laptops that create opportunities in education and employment, Coding for Hermit Crabs exists to empower individuals – no matter what their background is. We do this by making programming fun and approachable for all learners and it’s our community’s contributions of funds, resources, and time that allow us to continue our mission.


Coding for Hermit Crabs relies on donations to
fund our non-profit programs.

Your donations go toward:

  • Laptops for students
  • Scholarships for certification programs
  • Supplies for students in need
  • Producing course materials
  • And much, much more!


Have a laptop or cell phone that you don’t use? These devices can provide access to education and employment opportunities for the disenfranchised. Upon completion of our free programming courses for homeless and marginalized youth, students are given a laptop to continue their coding journey. Cell phones are provided to the homeless for a means to accept callbacks for jobs, get help in emergency situations, and assist with studying.

 If you have a laptop or cell phone to donate, fill out our contact form with the details of your donation(under the Reason For Contact field, pick Donation), and send your device(s) to the listed PO Box.


If you are a member of the IT community who knows HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and/or Python, our students could greatly benefit from the gift of your time. Mentors are paired with a student to answer questions outside of class, assist with homework, and keep them motivated throughout the course. We request a commitment of at least one hour a week during the five week course.

 To be considered, please fill out our contact form and designate your interest in volunteering or mentorship. We’ll reach out to you within 3 business days.


If you are a part of an organization with
opportunities for internship or apprenticeship, please let us know! Coding for Hermit Crabs is not a hobby course: it is an educational course designed to help youth make their way into gainful employment.

 To share your organization’s opportunity, please fill out our contact form and let us know that you have an internship/apprenticeship opportunity under Reason For Contact, and we’ll reach out to you within 3 business days.

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