Find the Career for You

Coding for Hermit Crabs is committed to helping you succeed beyond computer programming education. This includes helping you find a fulfilling career path whether you’re just entering the job market, or looking to expand your current career toward new opportunities. These services reach beyond the field of computer science, as our mission is to assist individuals of all backgrounds in finding opportunities for a better life. Our career counseling services are also offered as guest speaking events for fellow nonprofit organizations, schools, programming bootcamps, and other grourp programs to share ehow technology can help you find a fulfilling gand rewarding career.

Entering the job market can be challenging when you’re just getting started and have limited experience. Coding for Hermit Crabs has created an effective methodology for finding the right jobs to apply for, creating online profiles that attract employers, and tips for landing the perfect job. This methodology has been implemented in Year Up programs across the US and can be shared individually or to groups looking to better their employment opportunities.

Having a connection into the field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) can make all the difference when trying to elevate your career to the next level. Our career counseling services also include connecting and advocating for individuals of marginalized populations to be equally represented in the field of STEAM.

Whether through individual and group career education, internships and apprenticeships, networking, or finding opportunities for career mobility, Coding For Hermit Crabs is an advocate for people of all backgrounds to find their place in the workforce.

Our non-profit career counseling services include:

  • Career Education Sessions (Group/Individual)
  • Guest Speaking Engagements on Career Mobility
  • Connection and Networking into STEAM
  • & more…

Looking to reach the next level in your career?

At Coding for Hermit Crabs we believe everyone should have a career that is fulfilling and provides financial freedom because financial freedom is true freedom. If you, or your organization, are interested in learning more about our career counseling services, please contact us at the link below.