Introduction to Web Development

Our Tidepool Course is designed to “get your
feet wet” with the basics of web development. In this five week course, you’ll
be introduced to some of the essential technologies in computer science,
including: HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

 Not familiar with those terms? That’s okay! We welcome learners of all backgrounds – with no previous experience required. The course takes place over five weeks with one-hour sessions each week, and additional time with a mentor. At the end of the course, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to start your coding journey. Ready to start learning? Do you work with a youth-serving group that’s interested in the course?

What You'll Learn

All the incredible capabilities of computer science start with just a few essential technologies. In the introductory Tidepool Course, you’ll learn the basics of the following technologies to get started on your coding journey.

HTML: HTML is the “bones” of any website. After learning the basics of HTML, you’ll be able to add text, pictures, buttons, and videos to any website. 


CSS: Responsive web design affects how well websites look on different screen sizes without sacrificing functionality. CSS helps create these dynamic pages, and adds additional design elements like color and animations.

Bootstrap: Once you’ve learned the Bootstrap framework, you’ll be able to quickly apply HTML and CSS  to a web page to create visual mockups and proofs of concept – a commonly requested skill for web developers.

A Future in Tech: Learn about the opportunities now available to you in the field of computer science such as job prospects, internships, and continuing your education.

Ready to Start Learning?

The Tidepool Course is run live a few times a year for students not being served by our nonprofit. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified of course sign-up dates!